Welcome to Glenelg River Sheep Scanning

Glenelg River Sheep Scanning is a sheep pregnancy testing business based out of Edenhope Victoria, servicing clients in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

An important part of measuring productivity and profitability of sheep is being able to assess pregnancy rates of ewes at a crucial time in the pregnancy.

The ability to identify ewes according to their pregnancy status enables you to make informed decisions on the next stage of the ewes’ situation going forward.

For instance, dry ewes can be put back out with rams for the opportunity to successfully impregnated, or sold, or put back out to pasture at a higher rate per paddock.

Ewes carrying multiples can be separated from single bearing ewes, so the nutritional requirements can be tailored to allow optimisation of pasture & feed.

Bookings fill up fast so to lock in your required scanning dates. Please call or book online as early as possible.

Please fill out the online booking form or get in touch with us to book in your sheep scanning for the upcoming season.


We have invested in the latest ultra sounding technology using BCF Ovi-Scan 6, a modern Pratley Scanning crate with automatic 3-way drafting gates, this combination makes for an efficient and user-friendly experience.


Glenelg River Sheep Scanning offers a full range of sheep pregnancy testing such as;

  • Wet/dry
  • Twin
  • Fetal aging
  • Triplet